What Do Vegans Eat – Benefits Of Raw Vegan Diet

Vegans Eat

A lot of people decide to become either a vegetarian or vegan. Sometimes it is because of a very strong desire to remove most animal products in their diet, and sometimes it is because they believe that it’s a healthier option. A diet high in nuts, fruits, and vegetables, without dairy and meat, is what vegans eat. Is it really a dream diet as it sounds?

Everyone who wants to go on a vegan diet must know what do vegans eat exactly and how this diet will affect their lifestyle and health.

So, vegans eat plant-based foods and a vegan diet eliminates all foods that come from animals, such as meat, dairy products like milk, yogurt, butter, and cheese, and eggs.

In order to provide more nutrient value many of the plant-based products, vegans eat them raw. Actually, a vegan diet often includes the presence of more minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. Eating plenty of raw fruits, vegetables and nuts has a number of benefits.

Why is Vegan Diet Good?

1. Alkalizes Your Body

Your body’s pH is crucial for your health and should have an average pH of 7,36. While cooking depletes alkalinizing minerals, raw vegetables and fruits in an alkaline diet are “life-giving” or biogenic.

On the other hand, plenty of unhealthy foods have very low pHs and thus make our bodies more acidic, which helps diseases like cancer and osteoporosis thrive.

You can help restore the body’s proper pH by consuming more green vegetable juices like spinach and wheat grass. By alkalizing the body the cells can regenerate and heal at the highest level.

2. Uses All Valuable Enzymes From Vegetables

Enzymes are essential to our bodies for breaking down the food into small enough for our body to handle nutritional units. During the cooking, we lose most of the vital enzyme content in vegetables. This is because they become destabilized when cooked over a certain temperature.

3. Lowers Inflammation

One study showed that disease-causing inflammation levels can be substantially lowered even from a short-term vegan diet. (1)

4. Raw Vegetables Can Reverse Cancer

One review from 2004 revealed that from 11 studies of raw and cooked vegetables 9 studies showed statistically important inverse relationships of some cancers with raw vegetables and only 4 with cooked vegetables. (2)

Contrary, when meat is cooked at high temperatures, can create chemical compounds that may be cancerogenic.

What do vegans eat, in most cases, and what can go wrong?

People think that switching to a vegan diet means they suddenly have to become immune to all the food temptations. But, especially nowadays, they don’t have to. There’s a surprising amount of candy, cookies, and potato chips on the market that are vegan.

And unfortunately, buying faux versions of cheeses and meats is very common. These foods are loaded with sodium, preservatives, wheat, gluten, and soy.

Soy is especially bad for women. It increases estrogen production and therefore it increases the risk of disorders related to hormone imbalance and certain cancers. (3)

Don’t be fooled by processed vegan-friendly foods that sound more nutritious. They are a major source of weight gain because they contain the same soybean oil, canola oil and artificial sweeteners, and as other products.

At last, it is common to hear that some vegans eat lots of bread, rice, and pasta in order to arrive at filling meals. The overconsumption of grains and gluten can lead to weight gain and can cause insulin levels to rise.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Vitamin B12 deficiency is common among vegans. That’s because animal sources are the best sources of vitamin B12.

If you’re suffering from a B12 deficiency, probably you’ll suffer from digestive problems, mood changes, dizziness, chronic fatigue, and more.

This vitamin is crucial for your body. It aids in the nutrient absorption, formation of red blood cells, and supports the thyroid. Here you can read more about Vitamin B12 and Signs of Its Deficiency  

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Watch this little boy’s face when he realizes he’s eating animals.

His reaction brings his mom to tears!

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