Stop Hiccups: Easy And Proven Steps To Get Rid Of Hiccups

Stop Hiccups

Hiccups are unintentional contractions of the diaphragm – the muscle that plays an important role in breathing and separates your chest from your abdomen. Your vocal cords suddenly close with each contraction, which produces the characteristic sound “hic”.  For most people, hiccups usually last only a few minutes but sometimes they may persist for months. How can we stop hiccups and get rid them? Some causes of hiccups include:

  • A sudden fear or excitement,
  •  Eating too quickly,
  •  Eating large meal,
  • Carbonated or alcoholic beverages,
  • Sudden changes in temperature,  and
  • Any disease or disorder that irritates the nerves, which control the diaphragm.

There are some home remedies that can successfully stop hiccups.They work on two principles. One way is to interfere with breathing by increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood. This way the body is more concentrated on getting rid of the carbon dioxide than making hiccups. The second way is to trick the vagus nerve with another sensation. This way it signals the brain to knock off the hiccups because more important matters have appeared.


Below are some proven tips to stop hiccups:

  • Gargle with ice cold water
  • Breathe in and hold your breath for about 10 seconds, breathe out slowly. Repeat this 3-4 times. Then do it again after 20 minutes if needed.
  • Breathe into a paper bag (do not cover your head with the bag)
  • Get your knees to your chest and hug them for a couple of minutes
  • Drink upside down or from the far side of the glass – stand up, bend over and put your mouth on the opposite side of the glass. As you bend, tilt the glass away from you and drink
  • Lean forward and gently compress your chest
  • Put 2-3 of drops of vinegar in your mouth
  • Press your nose gently while you swallow
  • Put some granulated sugar in your mouth and swallow it when it melts
  • Sip ice cold water slowly
  • Press your diaphragm gently
  • Drink a cup of warm water slowly, without breathing, all the way down
  • Put a thin slice of lemon on your tongue and suck it like a sweet
  • Burping – sometimes burping can stop hiccups
  • Waiting – in the most cases, hiccups stop on their own. Some say that by simply waiting and not worrying about them, the problem is likely to resolve more quickly
  • Pull your tongue – with your fingers hold the end of your tongue and pull. This eases diaphragm spasms and stimulates the vagus nerve

Other natural remedies to stop hiccups:

  • Sip some hot sauce – the burn and heat are distracting your body to turn its focus on the burn, instead of the hiccup process
  • Take 1 teaspoon of peanut butter- this method interrupts the breathing and helps stop continuous hiccups
  • Slowly chew a teaspoon of dill seeds – swallowing the seeds stimulates the vagus nerve to make the hiccups stop
  • Take a small piece of fresh ginger and chew it slowly
  • Sip dill tea, mint or cardamom beverage – all of these herbs are effective in curing lasting hiccups
  • Take one glass of water and drink it with straw. Put your fingers into your ears to plug them as you drink
  • Inhale Black pepper – this induces sneezing and interrupts with the diaphragm’s contractions

If your hiccups last more than 2 days or interfere with breathing, sleeping or eating, contact your doctor.


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