Stop Drinking Alcohol For 30 Days And Experience These Amazing Benefits

Stop Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alcohol has become so common and is a socially acceptable practice. It is hard to believe that you can party without alcohol; it can even make you feel ‘cool’ or included in some environments. Some people don’t even want to stop drinking alcohol because alcohol increases their self-confidence and makes it so much easier to open up.

In the long run, alcohol can also have serious consequences to our life and health. So, consider at least, to stop drinking alcohol for 30 days.

Here are 5 amazing things you can experience if you take the challenge to be alcohol-free for 30 days:

You Will Have More Energy

The day after a heavy drinking session is worst and then we experience a hangover. This happens because when we’re under the influence of alcohol our bodies consume far more energy and dehydrate. Therefore, feeling exhausted the next day isn’t surprising at all.

Alcohol also works as a depressant. This means it can also leave us in a bad mood or feeling grumpy after its effects are long gone.

If you don’t want to stop drinking alcohol, by simply cutting it back you’ll experience the natural boost of true energy.

Reduce The Chance of Serious Diseases

You might believe that alcohol-related diseases only happen to heavy drinkers, but actually, it is only an assumption that does not keep us away from such danger. Allow our organs to restore themselves and have some respite by lowering your drinking. Your liver, which has over 500 functions (1) will be grateful to you!

You Can Lose Weight

Alcoholic drinks contain sugar and calories that make us easily gain weight.

When you stop drinking alcohol, also abstain from replacing them with other high-sugar beverages like sodas or energy drinks, since they also contain high amounts of sugar and calories. Just by reducing our alcohol intake, we are helping our body balance the calories intake.

You’ll Sleep Better 

You’ve just spent a night of heavy drinking and you are passing out and confuse it with sleeping. Alcohol actually, makes brain produce alpha waves, which help you rest, but this isn’t the same as restorative sleep.(2) Alpha waves prevent our brains and bodies from fully recovering and disrupt the sleeping state. This is also why you can experience nightmares after heavy drinking.

If you stop drinking alcohol it will help you to resume a normal sleeping pattern. We all feel much better in the morning when we can naturally progress through the sleep cycles. Here are other solutions if you still have trouble sleeping: How to Sleep Better at Night.

You’ll Make Healthier Choices

Once you take on this challenge and see the positive changes and start feeling better will also make it easier for you to start thinking in a more healthy-oriented and positive way.

Experiencing immediate and positive changes is great motivation to start with other adjustments in life. All of this can become a cycle of self-improvement.

So, taking on this challenge won’t turn your life around overnight, but at least it will plant the seed for you to consider making other healthy choices.

If you don’t want to completely stop drinking alcohol, just by reducing your intake you can definitely still see changes. Responsibility and moderation are crucial to enjoy a night out with friends or an occasional drink and yet still have a good time.

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