Rooibos Tea Health Benefits: Weight Loss, Cancer And More

Rooibos Tea Health Benefits

Rooibos tea (pronounced ROY-boss) comes from South Africa. Its official name is Aspalathus linearis. After you’ll read about rooibos tea health benefits it will blow your favorites out of the water. It is low-tannin, caffeine-free, and zero-calorie. This amazing tea contains:

  • 50 % more antioxidants than those found in green tea
  • Iron,
  • Calcium,
  • Potassium,
  • Copper,
  • Manganese,
  • Zinc,
  • Magnesium and
  • Alpha hydroxy acid.

Rooibos tea health benefits range from weight loss to healthy bones and cancer prevention.

It is rich in antioxidants that are highly effective and fight a large range of diseases. Actually, rooibos tea health benefits reach to almost every part of your body.

From your skin to your bones, and to your heart, this high-antioxidant tea is amazing.

Rooibos Tea Health Benefits

  1. Loaded with Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Properties

Inflammation coupled with oxidative stress is one of the major causes of disease across the world.

Rooibos tea works as both an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory, reducing inflammation and protecting your cells from damage by free radicals. (1)

Quercetin is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory flavonoid or plant pigment and it is also found in rooibos tea. It’s used to treat:

  • conditions of the blood vessels and heart,
  • high cholesterol,
  • circulation problems,
  • diabetes,
  • asthma,
  • inflammation,
  • peptic ulcer,
  • viral infections,
  • chronic fatigue syndrome cataracts,
  • hay fever,
  • schizophrenia,
  • gout,
  • preventing cancer, and
  • chronic infections of the prostate. (2)
  1. Prevents and Treats Diabetes

One study found a very strong possibility that aspalathin has anti-diabetic potential. (3)

According to research published in the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine rooibos tea shows significant therapeutic potential against diabetes and cancer. (4)

  1. Benefits Heart Health

Rooibos tea contains a flavonoid called chrysoeriol. It improves blood circulation and decreases blood pressure. It’s also linked to lowering bad cholesterol levels.

Atherosclerosis is a common complication of diabetes. It causes inflammation and hardening of the arteries.

Two chemical compounds that are present in rooibos tea, nothofagin and aspalathin, can treat possible heart complications in patients with diabetes.

Aspalathin is found only in rooibos, no other beverage or food contains it. It helps protect against vascular inflammation, oxidation, and ischemia. (5)

  1. Helps You Lose Weight

Polyphenols are one of the compounds found in rooibos tea. They are well known for their ability to burn fat.

Researchers from South Africa found that consuming rooibos tea causes increased secretion of leptin. Leptin is a hormone that tells your body it has had enough to eat. According to the Phytomedicine: International Journal of Phytotherapy and Phytopharmacology rooibos tea also causes existing fat to metabolize faster and prevents new fat cells from forming. (6)

  1. Supports Strong Bones

Rooibos tea contains many minerals including calcium, manganese, and fluoride that support the growth of healthy bones. It also contains two specific flavonoids luteolin and orientin that are able to increase mineral content in bones. (7)

  1. May Prevent Cancer

As mentioned before the plant pigment quercetin found in rooibos can treat lots of diseases. It suppresses malignant tumor growth and therefore many doctors report effectively prescribing it as a supplement to treat cancer. (8, 9)

  1. Keeps Skin and Hair Young

Rooibos tea contains alpha hydroxy acid which is beneficial for skin and hair. It also has a significant effect on wrinkle reduction and protects hair follicles from damage.

  1. Treats Allergies

Quercetin also has anti-allergenic properties and treats allergies successfully as some prescribed medications but without side effects. Bioflavonoids from rooibos tea are useful for treating food and seasonal allergies, skin reactions and asthma.

  1. Better Sleep

Rooibos also promotes relaxation and quality of sleep. Because it is caffeine free it can be used instead of coffee and tea.

  1. Infant Health

First, rooibos tea was known that it is very helpful for small children who suffer from stomach pains or colic. Due to its high content of calcium, it can be used as an alternate calcium source in children who are intolerant to dairy.

  1. Antispasmodic properties

The tea can ease abdominal pains and severe stomach cramps because it is rich in antispasmodic agents.

  1. Kidney Stones

Since there is no oxalic acid in the beverage even people with kidney stone problems can drink it as much as they want.

  1. Premature aging

Rooibos tea with its antioxidants boosts the strength of the immune system and slows down the aging process. In terms of antioxidant content, it is one of the most potent beverages. It also stimulates focus and concentration so it has anti-aging effects in terms of cognitive ability.

Since Rooibos tea has a naturally sweet taste it is great hot or cold.

To Brew Hot Rooibos Tea:

  • Boil 8 ounces (1 cup) of water
  • Place 1 teaspoon of organic Rooibos tea in a tea infuser and place in a mug.
  • Pour the boiled water over infuser in the glass.
  • Steep from 5 to 15 minutes to desired aroma and flavor. You can sweeten with natural sweetener or honey if desired. Here you can read more why are the Medjool Dates Healthiest Natural Sweetener

Precautions of Consuming Rooibos Tea

Since it is so powerful it can interfere in chemotherapy treatment of cancer patients. Also, rooibos has shown estrogenic activities so caution is needed in patients with hormone-sensitive breast cancer.
Finally, if you have existing liver or kidney conditions, consult your physician before introducing rooibos tea into your regular dietary routine.

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