Only Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is Healthy! Here is Why

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

From salad dressing to natural household cleaner and face toner in terms of versatility, apple cider vinegar is a piece of gold.

ACV is made by the natural fermentation of apples, and it has been proven that has the ability to improve digestion and energy, by killing many types of bacteria to support the gut, to lower blood sugar levels, to help you to lose weight, clear sinuses, fight bad breath, and more. It’s real liquid gold. To consume it, you can mix it with water to reduce its intensity, or take straight shots of the liquid and you can blend it into your favorite salad dressings.

But not all apple cider vinegar is created with quality. If you want to get the most out of your ACV, it’s important to find the unpasteurized, raw variety.

A product goes through pasteurization, which is a heating process, to remove potential problem bacteria from drinks like juice, milk, and vinegar. While this process destroys harmful bacteria, it also kills off the gut-healthy enzymes and nutrients often present in these products. And when ACV undergoes through pasteurization nearly all of the healthy components including “the mother” of the miracle liquid are killed off.

A living “mother” is contained in every bottle of unpasteurized raw organic ACV. Maybe it sounds super freaky, but the “mother” is just a compound made up of friendly bacteria, enzymes, natural pectin, and proteins,  all stuck together in a dark, thin layer at the bottom of the bottle.

Its presence is a clear indicator that your ACV has not been destroyed through over-processing, pasteurization, overheating or filtration.

Shake your ACV before each use because often the “mother” settles to the bottom of the bottle.

Maybe you think that consuming unpasteurized ACV can be unhealthy, especially in terms of the presence of E. Coli bacteria, which is killed during the process of pasteurization. But, vinegar’s acidity is a natural death trap for E. Coli bacteria.

So don’t forget to look for “the mother” at the bottom of every bottle!

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