Quit Smoking – As Resolution For This Year

Quit Smoking

This time of year many of us set some goals that we believe will make us happier or healthier. One of the top 10 resolutions each year is the intention to quit smoking for good.

There are 1 billion smokers worldwide and the goal of resolution to quit smoking is the most difficult to keep.

The Royal Society of Public Health in the UK released new data from their research. They surveyed more than 2,000 people for their resolutions at the end of 2016. 175 people or 8 percent had chosen to quit smoking, but just 41 percent of those 175 kept to their goal until January 31. Only 13 percent were cigarette-free at the end of the year.
Director of external affairs at the Royal Society of Public Health, Duncan Stephenson, says that smoking is one of the most important challenges and to quit smoking you need huge amounts of willpower.

Stephenson wasn’t surprised by the results of the survey. He says that it is very important not to give up after the first slip-up or hurdle.
During the new year, people want to make huge lifestyle changes and often they set unrealistic goals. But much better is by using a step-wise approach to make small changes.

Stephenson also links the challenge of going on a diet to quitting smoking. Dieting is second from last in terms of the success of resolution. 65 percent of people who had the goal of resolution to go on a diet lasted for one month. Only 16 percent ended up making it to the end of the year.
John Norcross, professor of psychology at the University of Scranton says that the most difficult resolutions to keep are the addictive, consumptive behaviors, such as dieting and smoking.

Set Yourself A Realistic Goals

People who had chosen to improve relationships with family and friends had the most successful resolutions in 2016 along with people who had chosen getting a healthier work-life balance.
Norcross says – “It’s not so much the topic, it’s how realistic the goal is”. For example, the most successful resolution says IMPROVE – it does not say FIX!

Tips for successfully quit smoking

It is similar to learning a new skill or sport. Everyone can make mistake and slip up, but it is important to learn from those slip-ups. It takes time and slip-up isn’t a fail. Contrary, relapses are expected and common.
Would you quit playing tennis if you miss a shot?
To quit smoking for good only the willpower might not be enough. You need to take many steps in order your resolution to last. Even a small changes, can have a huge effect so to make your resolution successful and to quit smoking:

  • First – prepare yourself
  • Reward yourself
  • Surround with people who will support and encourage you.
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