Osteoporosis and Its Health Symptoms

Osteoporosis is generally known as ‘silent disease’, as you can probably not imagine about a medical condition in which bones become porous and brittle and fracture easily. It comes into light only when you got your bone fracture for the first time and doctor termed it as osteoporosis. Doctor conduct bone scan for diagnosing osteoporosis with dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry. The procedure is performed to evaluate the density of the bones.

The basic cause of this problem is a hormone deficiency, but poor nutrition, prolonged inactivity and diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis contribute to the condition. It is to certain extent a part of the ageing process and is common among women particularly after the menopause.The disease is widespread in every part of the world.

Facts about osteoporosis

According to International Osteoporosis Foundation more than 8.9 million fractures occurred worldwide due to osteoporosis. It has affected an estimated average of about 75 million people in Europe, USA and Japan alone. The osteoporosis patient population constitutes about 200 million worldwide.

Many more are suffering from it but do not get to know about it until they suffer the first fracture and visit the doctor. Addiction to excessive exercise by figure- conscious women increases the risk from the disease.

Joint pains and the backbones in women over 35 years of age are signs of weakening bones due to lack of calcium. This process accelerates during menopause. To ensure that this does not happen, one must eat food items rich in calcium or take supplements to make up the deficiency. Early care is important because in later years calcium absorption in the body slows down.

Treatment involves taking hormones and a diet rich in calcium and other minerals, and vitamin D derived from cereals, fruits, vegetables and dairy products and exposure to sunshine that ensures bone health. Oils, fats and sugar must be avoided by those suffering from Osteoporosis. Walking, aerobics and yoga and lot of sunshine are ideal.

Source: https://www.healthaim.com

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