How To Keep Home Clutter-Free In 3 Easy Steps

Keep Home Clutter-Free

These three principles can help you reach and maintain a sense of organization and order in your own home. From how to keep home clutter-free, clean and mess-free to a better quality of life. The best of all is they are very easy to implement in your daily routine and therefore it’ll be much easier to keep home clutter-free.

Your home is a place where you are inspired, comfortable, and relaxed to live the life you want. So, follow these simple steps and learn how to keep home clutter-free. Sounds challenging but you’ll never again have to spend hours of your precious time in decluttering.

1. Give Every Single Item You Have A Home

Get rid of anything that does not bring joy into your life and cull your possessions. Keep in mind that after the period of decluttering comes the period of maintenance.

So to keep home clutter-free give every single item you have a home. This way you will be sure that everything you own is worth keeping.

And it is not about setting a drawer specifically for junk. Give a proper home to every piece of “junk”. Classify items in containers and don’t allow mixing anything else into that container. For example, you can have a container for gums in your kitchen drawer and the gum has been given a home.

Do this with every item you possess. You’ll need more time for this process, maybe a month or two but don’t give up. Every time you notice that something is not in its place make sure you return it promptly.

2. Empty Your Purse or Bag Every Time When You Get Home

Every time when you get at home empty your purse entirely. Put your cell phone, keys, wallet, and sunglasses into their defined homes. Get rid of any gum wrappers, receipts, flyers etc. that you don’t need. Finally, put your purse or bag in its designated home, whether it is a shelf or closet.

By practicing this every day you’ll notice that your home is no longer cluttered with extraneous receipts and papers.

The best part is that you’ll find out that it is less likely to leave your home without things you need. This is because, while packing your purse, you have to continuously choose every item you need for the day.

So, all of this might sound challenging at first, but once you made this habit you’ll never want to go back.

3. Classify All Paper Immediately

Every day we receive letters, flyers, junk mail, and other paper items, and these can tend to accumulate. Rather than placing them into a mail drawer, it is important to classify your paper as soon as you receive it.

To classify your paper, put it into one of three piles: file away, review later or needs immediate attention. Things that you need to file away might include medical or legal documents.

In the second category might belong bank or credit card statements, catalogs of interest, or coupons that you’d eventually like to use.

And finally, things such as bills, legal notices, or personal cards need immediate attention. Make sure you do give them the proper attention right away.


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