Jackfruit Health Benefits – This Fruit is Miraculous

jackfruit health benefits

Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) is native to certain parts of Southern and Southeast Asia. Asian cuisine commonly uses it as a condiment to various dishes and curries. Jackfruit health benefits lie on its unique and rich components that have the ability for curing and providing solutions for various health concerns ranging from weight loss to cancer and more.

Besides the fact that jackfruit is very tasty and sweet it is also rich in important nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, calcium, potassium, thiamin, magnesium, riboflavin, niacin, folate, copper, phosphorous, zinc, selenium, manganese and others. Here are some miraculous jackfruit health benefits for major health concerns.

The nutrients found in jackfruit have powerful anti-cancer, anti-ulcerative, anti-hypersensitivity, and anti-aging properties that are important in the treatment of a number of diseases.

  • Anemia

Jackfruit is a rich source of iron and therefore it helps in improving blood circulation in the body and preventing anemia.

  • Maintain a Healthy Eye and Skin

Jackfruit is rich in vitamin A, which is known as a powerful nutrient that maintains a healthy eye and with its powerful anti-aging properties slows down the degeneration of skin cells and makes the skin look younger. It also helps prevent vision-related problems.

  • Cancer

Jackfruit contains anti-oxidants and phytonutrients (lignans, isoflavones, and saponins) that have powerful anti-cancer properties. They help in eliminating free radicals from the body and slow down the degeneration of cells in the body.

  • High blood pressure

Jackfruit is a rich source of potassium, therefore it is very effective in controlling the heart rate and lowering high blood pressure.

  • Strengthen the Bone

Jackfruit is rich in magnesium that is important for the absorption of calcium and strengthens the bones and prevents bone related disorders such as osteoporosis.

  • Ulcers

With its strong anti-ulcerative properties not only that helps to cure ulcers but also prevents of other digestive system disorders.

  • Constipation

Jackfruit is rich in fiber and has powerful laxative properties. It is also known for its anti-ulcer properties which help cure ulcers and other digestive disorders.

  • Immune System Booster

Jackfruit is an excellent source of vitamin C, which helps protect against bacterial and viral infections.

  • Asthma

Jackfruit root and extracts of jackfruit are effective in controlling asthma and other upper respiratory tract problems.

  • Nerve system booster

Muscle weakness, fatigue, and stress can also be treated by consuming jackfruit because of its rich content of vitamins such as niacin and thiamine.

Jackfruit is rich in manganese, a nutrient that helps regulate blood sugar levels in the body. It is also diabetes-friendly and it increases glucose tolerance for both types of diabetes.

  • Weight loss

It’s low in calories and free of fat, so it can be safely and comfortably consumed to get fully benefit from all its other nutrients.

  • Thyroid metabolism

Jackfruit is loaded with copper which is important micromineral for thyroid metabolism, especially in hormone production and absorption.


Although it has a number of health benefits, consult your doctor, especially if you have health conditions or allergies.

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