Grapefruit Seed Extract and its Amazing Health Benefits

grapefruit seed extract

A few years ago, skin care products based on grapefruit- appeared on the market and began making their way. A unique chemical structure of Grapefruit seed extract (or GSE) is great for those dealing with acne!

Grapefruit seed extract is also an excellent source of nutrients and vitamins such as fiber, potassium, pectin and vitamin C. Each of these help your cells stay protected and strong.

The grapefruit seed extract is an excellent remedy for infections both outside and inside the body because of its powerful chemical compounds. The extract is rich in natural immune system stimulators such as plant antioxidants, phytochemicals, and nutrients.

Uses of Grapefruit Seed Extract for Internal Healing

  • Kills antibiotic-resistant UTIs
  • Fights Candida
  • Remedies fungal infections-Histoplasmosis
  • Treats digestive disturbances associated with Eczema
  • Helps to manage high cholesterol and encourages heart health.
  • Can be used as a mouthwash or throat gargle to kill bacteria.
  • Aids in weight loss.
  • Alkalizes the body.
  • It is an excellent remedy for toenail fungus and athlete’s foot.
  • Protects skin wounds from infection.
  • Remedies skin irritation and psoriasis.

Other antimicrobial uses of grapefruit seed extract include:

  • In laundry — to kill fungi and bacteria, add 10 to 15 drops to the final rinse
  • In carpet cleaners — to kill pathogenic organisms
  • Preserves homemade cosmetics.
  • In nebulizers — for control of respiratory infections, one drop GSE to one ounce saline water
  • Disinfecting and sterilizing operating rooms
  • In humidifiers — to prevent algae growth, three to four drops per gallon of water
  • Disinfecting surfaces — mix it with water in a spray bottle. You can use it for disinfecting kitchen surfaces and cutting boards as well as bathroom surfaces
  • As a better preservative than most chemical preservatives currently on the market
  • In swimming pools and hot tubs — GSE is added to reduce the need for high levels of chlorine
  • Discourages fleas in pets.
  • Farming — kills parasites in the animal water and feed.


If you’re going to use a grapefruit seed extract product, buy it from a reputable company and make sure you carefully read ingredients lists. When taken as directed Grapefruit seed extract is not commonly known to cause any side effects. Don’t use at full strength in your nose, mouth, ears or sensitive areas! Never put the extract into your eyes!

Educate yourself well and use this extract with care! Make sure you check with your healthcare provider before ingesting this alongside medications.

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