5 Tools That May Help You Lose Weight In The Future

Weight-loss techniques have evolved so much over the last few years that people are just waiting for the next sleek gadget or fad diet to hit the news. Then there are major scientific studies that point out new metabolic pathways and strategies that may develop a wonder pill. Though innovations are rising on a daily level, it is sensible to say that such tools are highly dependent on the genetic makeup of individuals who are using them. Finding out the right technique for weight-loss will be crucial in the coming days. Here is a look at some of the futuristic tools that may help you lose weight.

Bite counters: Though it may seem to be a fantastic concept, a bite counter is a reality already. Scientists from Clemson University, South Carolina have developed a device that tracks your hand movements towards mouth. They have calculated an average calorie-count too based on the long term food preferences of the person. According to these scientists, 100 bites per day is the ideal count of healthy eating.

Fat and sleep monitors: Calorie-tracking will soon become a thing of the past. New monitors are going to watch your fat and sleep levels. The fat monitor that uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to measure body fat levels (by passing feeble electric currents through the body) is already in the market. Similarly, a sleep monitor developed by scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology monitors different stages of sleep with the help of sensors that look at breathing patterns.

Weight-loss simulation: Researchers have found ways to predict patterns of bodily changes that can happen in individuals. This specific one, designed by scientists from National Institute of Health, works out the pattern after considering a lot of data including the height and weight, diet preferences, and metabolic rate of the individual. Although this tool is still in development-stages, it promises a lot in devising customized diet and exercise regimes.

Wonder Drugs: There are extensive researches underway to develop a drug that would help weight-loss without grueling workouts and tiresome diets. Researchers from Laval University, Quebec have tasted initial success in developing a drug that simultaneously reduces hunger and enhances feeling of fullness.

Redesigned food labels: A good understanding of food labels can help you be conscious of calorie counts. Scientists are actively working on better nutrition labeling strategies that would enlighten people about relative proportions by indicating low and high intake values.

Source: www.healthaim.com

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